By Mark • • 8 Jul 2011

What’s Gaming Headsets FTW all about?

MarkWelcome, 🙂 I’m Mark creator of Gaming Headsets FTW a website dedicated to helping new gaming headset buyers pick the right headset for them with the aid of videos, reviews and articles created by the online gaming community and I.

This website came about after I was shopping around for my new gaming headset – there wasn’t a one stop place I could go to for information about different headsets which had been recommended by the community and gave me quick price comparisons from reliable merchants to get an idea of how much each headset should cost. Gaming Headsets FTW aims to provide you with enough information about the best gaming headsets and headset deals around the web so you can make your decision to buy so you can get back to what we love doing best.. gaming :D.

Special thank you to everyone who’s videos are featured on this website you’re work is much appreciated and will be of great help those out there to make their decisions much easier, I know they helped me make mine – please subscribe to each of them 😀

Also thank you to Beatheme for providing this awesome theme – really nice work!

Good luck everyone and happy hunting!

admin [at] gamingheadsetsftw [dot] co [dot] uk

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